2020 Collector's Edition "Night Sky" with 23K gold leaf previously sold out

Sarah Lynn Richards~ custom equine art, drinkware, and clothing.

We have a few of these left, "Night Sky" was the 2020 collector's edition, made only for those that placed a reservation during the calendar year. Each is signed, numbered, gold leafed, and embossed by Sarah. The reason we have extra is when we create the issue we need to fill the 40x52 inch sheet of paper. multiple issues are created on each sheet.  For example if the sheet fits 6 issues and we have reservations for 7, we have to make 12 issues.

Each is in new condition and is framed as shown but we can also change sometimes for little or no up-charge. 

Feel free to call/text us at 207.592.4036 with any questions.

9 items left


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