Paragon, Equitana poster (unframed)

Sarah Lynn Richards

Paragon, the Equitana poster by Sarah Lynn Richards, the image that started her career. 

Unframed open edition, on heavy weight 80 lb stock paper, standard poster size of 24x36 inches. Each has a printed signature by Sarah, optional application of 23K gold leaf by her for $30 more.

We only have a few of these left, and all have slight bends in the upper right-hand corner, just an inch or so, not very noticeable, and mostly covered if the poster is framed. 

We tried to sell Paragon with an option for framing, but the large box required is very expensive to ship. It is better for the customer to purchase I unframed and then buy a standard size (24x36) poster frame locally. Many are available at a department or craft stores.


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