"History Horse" reservations accepted starting Sept 7th, 12:00 noon.


     This year’s Collector’s Edition “History Horse" is a complicated piece with subtle images layered throughout. It is a tribute to the relationship human beings have had with the horse for thousands of years. Most obviously is the Phoenix rising from the body of the painting, a reference to the way horses have risen, fallen and risen again with human beings throughout our many civilizations.

     Over and over the horse has accompanied us, changing from one thing to another but always returning as our partner in history. The horse has been our prey animal, our beast of burden, a priceless commodity in war, a symbol of royalty and a cherished companion and dance partner. 

     Through all of it's many manifestations, the relationship between horse and human has been depicted in art. I was personally amazed to learn about the cave paintings in Lascaux, France, estimated to be more than 17,000 years old.

     In the cave there are many images of early humans and other animals, including hundreds of images of horses. So, for many thousands of years, more than I ever imagined, the horse has been depicted in our art.

     From this paleolithic work, to the domestication of the horse perhaps 3,500 years ago, the horse has transformed civilizations across the globe. We can see our familiar friends in artwork from ancient Chinese dynasties to Europe in the Middle Ages, and today in contemporary artwork. 

(Cave Painting, Lascaux France. Estimated to be 17,000 years old.)

     I cannot hope to capture all that the horse has done for and with us along the way, but a nod to their presence throughout is my hope for this painting. 


     Reservations will begin to be accepted on Wednesday September 7th at 12:00 noon eastern. The first person that reserves will receive issue #1, the second person will receive issue #2, etc. "History Horse w/23K gold leaf" is available in 3 sizes, each either framed or unframed, reservations accepted with a refundable deposit of just 10%.

  • small unframed (paper size 10x14 in.) $115.00, 10% deposit=$11.50 
  • small framed (outside dimension 18x22 in.) $215.00, 10% deposit=$21.50
  • medium unframed (paper size 17x23 in.) $225.00, 10% deposit=$22.50
  • medium framed (outside dimension 26x32 in.) $395.00, 10% deposit=$39.50
  • large unframed (paper size 27x39 in.) $495.00, 10% deposit=$49.50 
  • large framed (outside dimension 40x52 in.) $695.00, 10% deposit=$69.50

      Check back on this website on Wednesday September 7th at 12:00 to place your reservation!