Dressage at Devon poster with 23K gold leaf 'pre-sale' framed

Sarah Lynn Richards

Dressage at Devon chose Sarah to create their annual poster for the 2017 competition.

The stunning image measures 16x20 inches and will include 23K gold leaf applied by Sarah. It has a black boarder and 'Dressage at Devon 2017 Sarah Lynn Richards' in bright blue lettering across the bottom.

Sarah will acquire a limited quantity of posters at the end of this wonderful show September 26th- October 1st.

Reserve yours now with just a $1 refundable deposit.

We will keep your reservation and contact you soon after October 1st with all pricing and framing options. We anticipate pricing to be approximately $45 for an unframed one, and $90 for a framed one. If you decide not to buy we will refund your $1 deposit. 

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