"Night Sky" the 2020 Collectors Edition with 23K gold leaf

Sarah Lynn Richards

Reservations for "Night Sky" with 23K gold leaf are accepted during 2019 with just a 10% deposit, fully refundable. The first person to reserve will receive issue #1, the second person will receive issue #2, etc.

"Night Sky" is available in 4 sizes, each either framed or unframed. 

  • small unframed (paper size 7x10 in.) $115.00, 10% deposit=$11.50
  • small framed (outside dimension 12x15 in.) $215.00, 10% deposit=$21.50
  • medium unframed (paper size 13x19 in.) $245.00, 10% deposit=$24.50
  • medium framed (outside dimension 19x25 in.) $365.00, 10% deposit=$36.50
  • large unframed (paper size 22x32 in.) $375.00, 10% deposit=$37.50
  • large framed (outside dimension 30x40 in.) $550.00, 10% deposit=$55.50
  • x-large unframed (paper size 28x40 in.) $495.00, 10% deposit=$49.50
  • x-large framed (outside dimension 39x51 in.) $695.00, 10% deposit=$69.50

     Sarah thinks "Night Sky" with 23K gold leaf looks best in a gold wood frame with a bright blue outer mat, thin gold trim mat, and the watercolor paper floated above a black mat. We can use many different frames including silver, black, or a different colored wood frame. if you'd like something else choose the 'please contact me with other frame options' and we'll be in touch.      

     Sarah collects reservations until midnight December 31st 2019, and on January 1st 2020 we create the edition for only the people who have placed a reservation. Printing, gold leafing, embossing, and signing take time, as does framing any issues ordered as such. We ship all issues as fast as we can, collecting the amount due on the day we ship. We usually have all issues shipped by the end of February.



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