"Daybreak" reservations


     This year’s Collector’s Edition “Daybreak" with 23K gold leaf  
reservations can be placed here starting on 
Tuesday February 25th at 7:00 pm (eastern).



"Daybreak" is available in 4 sizes, each either framed or unframed
  • small unframed (paper size 7x10 in.) $115.00, 10% deposit=$11.50
  • small framed (outside dimension 12x15 in.) $215.00, 10% deposit=$21.50
  • medium unframed (paper size 13x19 in.) $245.00, 10% deposit=$24.50
  • medium framed (outside dimension 19x25 in.) $385.00, 10% deposit=$36.50
  • large unframed (paper size 22x32 in.) $375.00, 10% deposit=$37.50
  • large framed (outside dimension 30x40 in.) $550.00, 10% deposit=$55.50
  • x-large unframed (paper size 28x40 in.) $495.00, 10% deposit=$49.50
  • x-large framed (outside dimension 39x51 in.) $695.00, 10% deposit=$69.50
      Sarah collects reservations until midnight December 31st,
on January 1st we create the edition for only the people who have
placed a reservation. We then ship all issues, collecting the amount
due on the day we ship.