horses & people i've met

Meeting Prince Charles, while displaying my art at

The Badminton Horse Show in Badminton England.

'Duke' of Lancaster City (PA) Mounted Police Department came to check out my stuff.
With Boyd Martin at LRK3DE '23 (Lexington KY).
With Steffen Peters and Adrienne Lyle of the U.S. 2020 Olympics Dressage Team
   With Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan in The Sky Box
of Churchill Downs during the Kentucky Derby.


With USDA multi medalist and Pan Am Games rider Julio Mendoza and 'Ivan Sport' 


With jockey Charlie Woods and
'Arch Arch Arch'on the backside
of Churchill Downs, just
prior to the 2011 Kentucky Derby.


With Spider Man, prior to a poster signing party.  

In a deep discussion with Sven from the movie Frozen.


With Ron Turcotte, jockey for 'Secretariat'. 


    With John Lyons and family in the
center ring during
Equus America 2003  
in Houston Texas.


  With Mayor Greg Fisher of Louisville
Kentucky a the 'Barbaro' statue,

entrance to Churchill Downs.


With the Queen's finest: strapping
young lads of Her Majesty's Household
Cavalry at The Horse of the Year Show
in Birmingham England. 


With Tom Coperman, Admiral of the Pacific Naval Fleet, who graciously 
signed the back of the original watercolor "Mustang" I painted for my
 brother Second Lieutenant Jason Sampson USMC 1st Marine Division
at his Officers Commissioning Ceremony.


With 'Zues', at The Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio.


With the biggest horse in North America  'Jake' (and my son Sam) 


With Tommie Turvey, trainer of horses
for The Walking Dead, most every
Budweiser commercial, and countless
other T.V. shows and movies.
Leading my new Wallander filly 'Xyloh', aka 'Whinny' to her new home,
moments after her arrival from Abacus Farms in California.
Guy McLean came by to check out my art while at Horseworld Expo in PA.


On my Friesian gelding 'Velvet Elvis'.


Christmas day 1980 in northern
California. I was 12 when I got
'Brandy', an Arabian mare. When
I went to college I had to sell her, but
bought her back in 1997,
 shipping her from California to my home in Maine.