custom origininal watercolor information

First Right of Refusal program

     I get many requests for custom work and I am always happy to discuss this option. My painting style and the watercolor medium in particular does not lend itself to portraits. That said, I have done many custom projects that were inspired by input regarding a special horse, color scheme, style of riding (dressage, jumping etc) or even a new idea such as painting special animals such as sea turtles or peacocks. 

     I call this type of project my “First Right of Refusal” program. In such I do not require any initial financial obligation, though we will have to agree upon some things such as preferred colors, size and price range for me to begin. If you like the final results, you can purchase the painting for the agreed price, if not I’ll just take it to the next exhibit and sell it there. The prices for these works are similar to original artworks I typically sell. More information on that below. 

     If you have an idea or a special horse in mind please contact e via e-mail here:  

     I’ll likely need photographs (these do not need to be professional grade), or I can work to express various breeds and different movements such as jumping, dressage, galloping, mares with foals, for example. 

     Once the painting is done my husband Todd will photograph it and e-mail it to you, you'd have a few days to consider. If you decide to purchase we can discuss matting and framing options, shipping and payment terms. 

      Wait times in this process vary from a few weeks  to months as they are handled on a first come, first serve basis.

     Pricing is the same as all of Sarah's original watercolors, and can be purchased either unframed or framed.  Some examples of pricing are shown below:

unframed: original watercolor paper size         

  • 10 x 14 inch $  325  
  • 18 x 22 inch $  495  
  • 24 x 32 inch $  645
  • 30 x 42 inch $ 1000

original watercolor with matting and framing: final outside dimension

  • 16 x 20  inch. $  395
  • 24 x 30  inch. $  595
  • 32 x 40  inch. $  795
  • 44 x 52  inch. $1200


     Please do not hesitate to contact me, I will gladly answer any inquiries about the process as honestly as possible.