"The greatest compliment", by Sarah's husband.

July 01, 2016

    Sarah reluctantly allowed me to write this, what I consider the greatest compliment Sarah has ever received.

    A few years ago a woman approached Sarah's display with one hand held over eye. She gazed at several images. I asked if she needed help, she politely declined. 

    She returned later the same day, again holding a hand over an eye while inspecting many of Sarah's paintings. After a long time she said "I’m ready to buy” and pointed at 8 images of various sizes. After purchasing she asked if could help carry them to her car.

   While walking the the parking lot I thanked her for the large purchase. She said; “I've been a fan of Sarah's work for quite sometime. Unfortunately I have a tumor growing on my optic nerve, my vision is mostly gone from one of my eyes. These paintings will hang in my hospital room for a few weeks while I'm being prepped for the surgery  There is a chance I will not survive, even if I do there is a chance that I'll be blind. I thought it would be nice to be able to look at something very special, since it's quite possible they will be the last thing I am ever able to see.”

    By this point the art was loaded into the car, and I stood speechless. She thanked me for the help. I extended my hand, and when she placed her palm in mine I grasped it with both hands and wished her the very best of luck.

    Tears were in my eyes by the time I returned to our booth. We never heard from this customer again.