Sarah in the media...

August 29, 2016

"Words cannot describe, she 
is redefining what is possible with watercolor."
        -Equine Image Magazine
January 2002

 "An Artist we think you should know better."
        - U.S.Art Magazine Aug. 1998

"So distinctive and extraordinary... an obvious mastery of the medium."
        - Equine Journal Nov. 2000

"A style rich with motion, energy and emotional impact."
        - Equitana USA 1997 Show Catalog

"Feminine and powerful at the same time. She truly captures the spirit of the horse."
        - GaWaNi Pony Boy, trainer/author.

"Blessed with an artist's eye and a sharp academic mind."
        - U.S.Art Magazine Aug 2000

"She captures the spirit, drama and movement of horses better than any artist."
        - The Equine Image Magazine June/July 1998